Missouri Auto Shipping

South Beach Transport of Missouri provides auto shipping service for individuals, military, businesses and many automobile dealerships in around the Missouri area. Need to transport a car? Get a free quote by Clicking on the “Get Your Quote Now” button to contact us immediately or by telephone at 1-888-505-SHIP (7447).

South Beach Transport of Missouri Auto Shipping division is a vehicle shipping company that transports cars all over the United States. No matter if your relocating for a new job, US Military transport or maybe even finally decided on buying or selling a car? We understand that it can be very stressful and we want to make this vehicle transport as easy as possible. Here at South Beach Transport we set the bar high, we demand that all are car shipping specialists do there complete best to cater to all your auto shipping needs. Our experienced team of auto shipping specialists will make you feel safe and confident that the vehicle transport will go smooth.

If you need your vehicle shipped from coast to coast or within the United States? If so then South Beach Transport is right for you. Call us now for a free car transport quote 1-888-505-SHIP (7447).

Missouri State to State Car Shipping

South Beach Transport of Missouri has built the nations most reliable team of auto shipping carriers. With over 50,000 satisfied customers, South Beach Transport will go above and beyond to transport your vehicle in a safe and timely manner. South Beach Transport state to state auto transport moving service can transport a car to or from any destination in the USA. With a 5 star rating on TransportReviews.com. And we only use auto carriers that are bonded, licensed and insured with the FMCSA. With South Beach Transport you can expect a higher level of car shipping and customer service with your auto transport move.

South Beach Transport of Missouri can make the most complicated auto transportation seem as simple as 123. We have a number of carriers that run every route and a team of highly trained auto transport professionals that monitor each scheduled car transport. We monitor your vehicles location at all times with a state of the art GPS system at no additional cost. All of our auto shipper carriers are in the top 10% of carriers who value their cargo and take every step necessary to avoid any damages to your vehicle during transport across country. We provide you with the maximum protection and peace of mind. All of our auto carriers also maintain full coverage insurance.

South Beach Transport of Missouri takes all worry out of shipping your vehicle, this way you can focus on more important things. Try us for your next move and see how easy and cost effective it is to get the best service during your Missouri auto transport. Fill out the car transport form at the top of the page or call us 1-888-505-SHIP (7447)

Missouri Car Transport Questions

How long will it take my vehicle to be shipped?

All pickup times, transport times, and dates quoted are estimates. Each transport will differ based on the carrier’s schedule, weather, road conditions, traffic and other natural events. The following are approximate time frames to help you have an idea of what to expect. Anything from the east side of the United States (Florida) side let’s say to the west coast (California) side – it takes anywhere from 5-14 days; Midwest to East Coast – approx. 3-8 days; South to North – approx. 4-8 days. Keep in mind these are not guarantees, these are simple a estimate, it could take longer or shorter, depends on a lot of different variables. Call: 1-888-505-SHIP for a more detail explanation.

Why are the prices I am getting all over the map?

When you receive a quote from a Transport Company, this is NOT a guaranteed price, this is simply a estimate of what it might cost to transport your vehicle. Time after time so many transport companies promise their customers a price, and then later on call them back and explain that the truck is running late, or it has broke down, therefore it might take longer than expected. The truth is they never had a driver to begin with; they quoted you a price lower than everyone else just to take you out the market. The whole time knowing they will need more money, and then they wait till the last day, call you and say look we will need $100 more because of xyz problem, but really it is just a lie from day one. So beware of companies like this, just because it is cheaper, doesn’t necessarily mean it will get transported!

How long in advance do I need to book my auto transport?

Generally, auto transport carriers require 5-7 days notice so they can schedule you on the next available truck. Auto shipping industry is route-based, and is often difficult to find a truck to transport your car on short-notice. Some Car Transport Brokers offer “express service,” or “expedite service” but unless they:

a) Own their own trucks

b) Live where you do, express service generally takes more time than if you just scheduled a week or so ahead.

So we recommend you book your auto transport as soon as you can, after all with South Beach Transport of Florida you pay nothing until your car is delivered, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Check our website out for more details on this issue: www.SouthBeachTransport.com

Will my vehicle be insured during transport?

Yes. Legally all auto carriers must carry insurance. The industry minimum is $100,000. We recommend that you ask to see a copy of their certificate of insurance for proof. Also, read the terms and conditions of your agreement carefully to see what is and isn’t covered.

Must all auto transport brokers and car carriers be licensed?

Yes. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration must issue all auto carriers an MC# and/or US DOT#, in order to have proper operating authority. Brokers must be bonded and have valid MC#’s. Bonding information can be checked through safersys.com, and is strongly recommended to do so before choosing an auto transporter.

How should I prepare my vehicle for auto transport?

If you are going to a cold climate, make sure you have winterized your vehicle by adding antifreeze. Secure any loose items such as antennas. Disconnect auto alarms and anti-theft systems. Remove any car covers, and bras as they are not allowed by car carriers during open transport. Enclosed transport is different & may be allowed.

Can I store anything in the car?

It is illegal to store items anywhere in the car. Auto transporters are not licensed to carry household goods. In addition any items stored within the car or vehicles are not covered under the carriers insurance.

Will I need to have my vehicle delivered to a terminal?

A terminal is necessary in the event there is not enough room for a truck to drop off your vehicle at its destination, because of a narrow or dead end street, or any other conditions that would not allow a truck to enter. A terminal would also be used in the event no one is available to accept the vehicle upon delivery. These terminals are fully licensed and insured. It should be noted that terminal shipping is generally less expensive than door to door shipping as well.

How do I pay for the car transport ?

South Beach Transport of Florida offers only one way to pay, and that is as follows:

a) Transport Cost (Example $799.99)

b) Upon Pick-up customer pays $0.00

c) Upon delivery of Vehicle Customer will pay $799.99

d) $650.00 must be paid to the auto carrier driver, in the form of (Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order) they will NOT except a Personal Check or a Credit Card

e) $149.99 will be charged to your credit card of your choice, (MasterCard, Visa or Discover) on deliver only.

Do I have to be present when my vehicle is picked up or delivered?

Yes, you or your designated representative must be present when the carrier arrives for pickup and delivery of your vehicle in order to go over the “Bill of Lading” that needs to be signed. You must do a walk around of the vehicle to make sure there is no damages, and if there are any damages to mark them on the “Bill of Lading”, upon delivery if you’re not there to match up the pick-up walk around and the delivery walk around you will not have any proof if something was to happen during auto transport. South Beach Transport of Florida highly recommends someone be there during pick-up and during delivery.

Can I ship my vehicle if it’s not running?

Almost all car transport companies will ship your vehicle if it’s not running, but they will charge a fee for this, as the carrier have a special wench to get it onto the truck, instead of driving it onto the carrier. This wrenching process takes a lot more time, and is a big hassle for auto transport carriers, this is one of the main reasons car transporters will charge about $100 more than if it was to run. Do not forget to notify the car transport company if your vehicle is INOP (does not run) so they can make the necessary changes to your information as well to let the car carrier know. It is also important to let the car shipping company know if it does not roll, brake, or steer. This is just to let them and the trucking company knows if they need to make any special arraignments. Keep in mind not all auto carriers have the ability to transport your vehicle if it does not run, so notify them up front to be safe.

Why does a SUV or Truck transport cost more than shipping a sedan?

Since most of the prices to transport a vehicle is based on weight, the heavier a vehicle is the more it will cost to auto transport it. Another reason is because not all carriers can fit a SUV or a Truck on their auto carrier. Sometimes there restricted to height as well, it all depends on the car carrier. So because of all these variables, it is usually a lot more expensive to auto ship your SUV, Truck Van, versus a sedan. Please feel free to call us if you’re not sure of the weight of your vehicle, we have special graphs on the weight of almost all vehicles in the world. South Beach Transport of Florida is always here for your needs, please call customer service at: 1-888-505-7447

What is open transport?

Open transport is how many automobile transport companies transport vehicles. An open carrier is a large truck that can fit between 8 and 10 cars. Open transport is generally the best way to transport your vehicle from point A to point B because not only is it common, it is cheap and easy as well. Auto transport 123 generally has contracts with hundreds of open transport trucking companies that will help you get your car moved cheaply and quickly.

Will my vehicle be driven?

Auto Transport Carriers will only drive your vehicle to load and unload it from the carrier. Usually no more than 5 miles will be put on your vehicle during transport. Please make a note to check and sign the mileage on your pickup and delivery inspection form and that form is called the “Bill of Lading”.