RV Transport

South Beach Transport is a RV transport service in full DOT compliance and a legal hauler for all types of RV trailers. Your RV is insured up to $100,000 and additional insurance can be purchased

South Beach Transport can pull many different hitch types, such as fifth wheel, goosenecks, pintlehooks, and various ball hitches. We pride ourselves in friendly door to door delivery.  Your driver is required to provide you with a cell phone number for easy communication throughout your transport. We can deliver to and from dealers, web site purchases (such as ebay) or private transporting to anywhere in the US and Canada.

South Beach Transport Ships Large Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers, and RVs Coast to Coast We can transport units up to 8’6″ wide, 13’6” high and 43’ length.  Larger units will require permits and these costs will be figured into your quote. Your RV must be roadworthy for transport. Tires are the responsibility of the owner.


  • All items inside your RV must be secured properly.  Anything loose must be secured, such as personal items.  Do not leave valuables inside your unit.
  • Doors, windows, vents, awnings and drawers should be shut in a secure manner.  Items will move about during transport
  • Be should to remove any items on the outside that can be loosened by the wind and secure them inside the RV.
  • Remove water and fuel from any tanks.
  • Do an inspection inside and out to make sure that items are secure.  Our drivers are not responsible for any damage inside your unit from objects moving about